Blessed is he that considereth the poor say the LORD, so that our mission is working and serving to peoples of God: they are the children,   the youths, and  the oldness. They are the sons of God forgotten, they are the homeless by all us: the governments, the authorities, the same people and nations and so like we-self.

The kingdom Wings is a missioners group become to help and serve to the poor of spirit, the homeless, the sickness,  the starved. We are here to fire face to face with the poverty, the sanitary problems, with the alimentary deficiency, by the illiteracy  of the poor countries.

Maybe you are asking how we going to do?  The answer is lucking for the Lord direction to serve at the millions of poor people that live by under rate poverty  in the Caribbean, in Latin American, in Africa, in Central Asia and all rest of the countries of the world.

What we will Do? The donated funds  and financial aids will be use for:

 A)-supply foods, medicines and  medical materials, education materials, water, sanitation service, vaccination program, and natural emergency like earthquakes, hurricanes, flood, and etc.

B)-Given Support and aids to the church, the foundation and the organizations non profit in other countries that have social programs associated with us .  

C)-Promotion of Social Projects of: Constructions and repair of schools, Medical dispensary, sanitary system and water supply and small electrical power 


     All right reserved by The Kingdom Wings. Org./Ruben D. Morel/2010